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Choosing an Inca Trail tour operator.

If you are searching the web for information about the 4 day Inca Trail you'll find hundreds of tour companies offering this popular trek amongst their services. Many of these companies are acting only as agents for the relatively few specialist trekking companies that actually operate the trek. Prices for the 4 day trek start at around US$620 per person for a basic service (including entrance fees and return on train) and can climb anywhere up to $1000 depending on the service and how comfortable you want to be. Purchasing the trek directly with a local tour operator in Cusco can often be less than half the price of buying the trek in your own country through an agent. However, great care should be taken in choosing a tour company especially using the internet. Our page "Choosing an Inca Trail Tour Operator" has been written to help you avoid many of the pitfalls.

Note: It can often be confusing when it comes down to how the various Inca archeological sites are spelled. Most of the sites of interest have been given Quechua names. Quechua was the official language of the Inca civilization and still spoken by more than 7 million people (mainly in the Andean highlands of Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia). However the language was a spoken language was never written down by the Incas. In modern times various people have tried to produce an official Quechua dictionary but so far have not succeeded. There are therefore many interpretations when it comes to how each place name is spelled. Even Cusco can be spelled 3 ways: Cusco, Cuzco or Q'osqo!!

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