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Tour Operators Authorized 2018

This group of licensed Inca Trail tour operators are well established and services provided by them are likely to be professional and reliable. You will find them recommended in many of the popular guidebooks.

Medium Priced US$620 - US$760

Pukupuku Travel

Pukupuku Travel is an agency specialist in the trekkings in Peru. Results of the professionals' union of the Peruvian tourism (founders), possesses a reagent team and an important network of trustworthy collaborators, extended in the whole Cusco. Inca Trail 4 day / 3 night price US$625 (2018)

Licensed Inca Trail Tour Operators 2018


This group of licensed Inca Trail tour operators are well established and services provided by them are likely to be professional and reliable. You will find them recommended in many of the popular guidebooks.

  1. Pukupuku Travel SRL
  2. Peru Treks
  3. SAS
  4. Andina Travel
  5. Enigma Adventure Tour Operator
  6. United Mice
  7. Llama Path
  8. Wayki Trek
  9. Amazonas Explorer
  10. Apus Peru
  11. Andean Adventures
  12. Apumayo Expediciones
  13. Chaska Tours
  14. Condor Travel
  15. Explorandes
  16. Grandes Aventuras del Peru (GAP)
  17. InkaNatura Travel
  18. Manu Expeditions

Full List of Licensed Inca Trail Operators 2017

  1. A.V.T. Jisa Adventure E.I.R.L.
  2. ABC S.R.L.
  3. Action Peru Treks E.I.R.L
  4. A.V.T. Gregory Cusco Peru.S.A.C
  5. Adventours-SAS E.I.R.L
  6. Adventure Peru Tour Operator S.A.C.
  7. Agencia De Viajes Y Turismo Apu Salkantay E.I.R.L.
  8. Agencia Turismo K.B. Adventures S.A.C
  9. AIT S.C.R.L.
  10. Alpaca Expeditions E.I.R.L.
  11. Altura Travel S.A.C
  12. Amazin Adventures E.I.R.L.
  13. Amazon Andes Peru S.C.R.L.
  14. Amazonas Explorer S.A.
  15. America Andina Bg. S.C.R.L.
  16. Anacondor Tours S.R.L
  17. Andean Adventures S.R.L.
  18. Andean Amazon
  19. Andean Life Peru Premium Trips S.A.C
  20. Andean Treks & Adventures S.A.C
  21. Andean Spiritual Path E.I.R.L
  22. Andes Amazon Trails Peru E.I.R.L.
  23. Andina Travel Treks & Eco Adventure E.I.R.L.
  24. Apu Andino Travel E.I.R.L
  25. Apu Travel Service E.I.R.L.
  26. Apumayo Expediciones S.A.C.
  27. Apus Peru Adventure Travel SpecialistsS.A.C.
  28. Auqui Mountain Spirit E.I.R.L.
  29. Auqui Peru Mountain Spirit E.I.R.L.
  30. Ausangate Travels Srl
  31. Aventuras X-Treme Tourbulencia En Cusco E.I.R.L
  32. Best Andes Travel Srl
  33. C.R.L Peru S.A.C.
  34. Caminos De Llama S.A.C.
  35. Camping Tours E.I.R.L.
  36. Ceci's Travel E.I.R.L.
  37. Chaska Tours Agencia De Viajes Y Turismo E.I.R.L.
  38. Chaski Tours S.A.C.
  39. Conde Travel E.I.R.L.
  40. Condor Travel S.A.
  41. Cultural Immersion Travel Peru E.I.R.L.
  42. Culturas Peru Viajes Y Servicios S.R.L.
  43. Cusco Big Foot Travel Agency E.I.R.L.
  44. Cusco Native Travel Agency E.I.R.L
  45. Cusco Sunrise Peru Trek Tour Operator E.I.R.L.
  46. Cusi Travel International S.C.R.L
  47. D Y F Expediciones E.I.R.L.
  48. Destinos Turisticos Group Peru S.A.C.
  49. Discover South America E.I.R.L
  50. Eco Path Trek E.I.R.L
  51. Eco Wayky's Tour Aventura E.I.R.L.
  52. Ecoandes Adventures S.R.L.
  53. Ecoinka S.R.L
  54. Ecotimeperu E.I.R.L
  55. Eco Tour Cusco E.I.R.L
  56. Ecs Travel S.A.C.
  57. Enigma Adventure Tour Operator S.A.C.
  58. Epitour's Trek E.I.R.L.
  59. Eureka Andina Adventure Tour Operator E.I.R.L
  60. Evolution Treks Peru E.I.R.L
  61. Expeandes S.R.L.
  62. Experience Turistica E.I.R.L.
  63. Explorandes S.A.C..
  64. Explore Adventures S.R.L
  65. Exploring Peru Travel Service E.I.R.L.
  66. Fiesta Tours International S.A.
  67. Frontier Expedition E.I.R.L.
  68. Gladium Inka Adventures & Services SRL
  69. Go2Inkas S.A.C
  70. Golden Empire Tours E.I.R.L.
  71. Grandes Aventuras Del Peru S.A.C.
  72. Grupo Caminos del Peru E.I.R.L
  73. Grupo Peru Raymi Travel S.A.C.
  74. Grupo Tourbulencia En Peru S.C.R.L.
  75. Illa Yaku S.A.C.
  76. Illapa Culturas Andinas Inversiones S.R.L.
  77. Inca Hike& Adventures S.A.C.
  78. Inca Peru Travel Tour Operator E.I.R.L.
  79. Inca Trail Bamba Experience E.I.R.L
  80. Inca Trail Company S.A.C
  81. Inca Trail Peru Treks S.A.C (Peru Treks)
  82. Incas Journey Adventure E.I.R.L.
  83. Inca's Discovery & Eco Lodges S.A.C
  84. Infocusco S.A.C
  85. Inka Sites Adventures S.C.R.L.
  86. Inka Trail Expeditions Peru E.I.R.L.
  87. Inka Trail Machupicchu E.I.R.L.
  88. Inkaland Group S.A.C.
  89. Inkanatura Travel S.A.C.
  90. Inkayni Peru Tours S.C.R.L
  91. Instinct S.C.R.L..
  92. Intense Peru S.A.C.
  93. Inti Sun Trek E.I..R.L.
  94. Inversiones Inca Trail Reservations E.I.R.L.
  95. Inversiones Andean Key Travel S.A.C
  96. Inversiones Arsa Tours S.R.L
  97. Inversiones Cusco Explorer's E.I.R.L.
  98. Inversiones En Turismo Coavoy Peru Travel E.I.R.L.
  99. Inversiones Mako's S.R.L
  100. Inversiones TP E.I.R.L
  101. Inversiones Turisticas Andean Explorer's Cusco E.I.R.L.
  102. Inversiones Turisticas K'intu E.I.R.Ltda.
  103. Inversiones Turisticas Maza E.I.R.L.
  104. Inversiones Turisticas Peruinca Explorer E.I.R.L.
  105. Inversiones Unitours S.A.C
  106. Journey Experience S.A.C.
  107. Kaypi Peru S.C.R.L.
  108. Kondor Path Tours E.I.R.L
  109. Lima Tours S.A.C
  110. Llama Path E.I.R.L
  111. Llama Tours Peru S.R.L.
  112. Loreto Tours E.I.R.L.
  113. Machete Tours S.R.L.
  114. Machupicchu & Beyond E.I.R.L.
  115. Machupicchu Inkas Trek Explorer E.I.R.L.
  116. Machupicchu Mega Travel E.I.R.L.
  117. Machupicchu Terra S.R.L
  118. Machupicchu Travel Adventure E.I.R.L
  119. Manu Expeditions E.I.R.L.
  120. Manu Explorers Peru E.I.R.L
  121. Marquez Viajes Y Servicios Turisticos E.I.R.L. (SAS)
  122. Mava Travel Service S.R.L.
  123. Mire S.R.L
  124. Naty's Travel Agency E.I.R.L.
  125. NC Travel Cusco E.I.R.L.
  126. Pachatusantrek S.A.C.
  127. Papi's Treks E.I.R.L
  128. Peak South America S.A.C.
  129. Personal Travel Experience S.A.C.
  130. Peru Adventure People E.I.R.L.
  131. Peru Adventures Paradise S.C.R.L.
  132. Peru Andes Top Grupo Path of the Andes E.I.R.L.
  133. Peru By Locals S.A.C
  134. Peru Eco Adventures And Cultural Trips E.I.R.L.
  135. Peru Fantastic Travel E.I.R.L
  136. Peru Grand Travel E.I.R.L
  137. Peru Jungle Expeditions E.I.R.L
  138. Peru Nao Tours S.A.C.
  139. Peru On Road E.I.R.L.
  140. Peru Sur Nativa E.I.R.L
  141. Peru Tours And Adventure S.A.C.
  142. Peru Travel Conexion S.A.C
  143. Peru Travel Reps S.R.L.
  144. Peru Travel And Healing S.A.C.
  145. Peru Unique Destination E.I.R.L
  146. Peruvian Highland Trek Expedition E.I.R.L.
  147. Peruvian Sacred & Adventure S.R.L.
  148. Peruvian Tucan Trek S.C.R.L
  149. Peruvilca Expeditions S.R.L
  150. Private Machupicchu E.I.R.L
  151. Pukupuku Travel SRL

  152. Pumapath Adventures Peru E.I.R.L.
  153. Qhapaqñan Adventure S.A.C.
  154. Qorianka Tours S.R.L.
  155. Quechua Treks Peru E.I.R.L
  156. Quechuas Expeditions Peru S.A.C
  157. Q'ente South American Trek Tours
  158. Raices Peru Operadores Mayoristas S.A.C.
  159. Rasgos Cusco Tours Operator E.I.R.L
  160. Reservas CPM S.A.C.
  161. River Explorers Specialists In River And Adventure E.I.R.L.
  162. Royal Crown Adventures E.I.R.L.
  163. Saca Expeditions Servicios Turisticos S.C.R.L
  164. Salkantay Trekking E.I.R.L
  165. Sam Travel Peru Expeditions E.I.R.L
  166. Samari Travel S.A.C.
  167. Sky Viajes Y Turismo S.R.Ltda
  168. South Adventure Peru Tours E.I.R.L.
  169. South America Trek S.A.C.
  170. South American Travel Services S.R.L.
  171. Southern Peru Explorers E.I.R.L
  172. Southwild S.A.C
  173. Sun Gate Tours S.A.C.
  174. Sunshine Travel Peru E.I.R.L
  175. Terra Explorer Peru E.I.R.L.
  176. Tierras De Los Andes S.A.C.
  177. Tierras Vivas E.I.R.L.
  178. Tour in Peru E.I.R.L.
  179. Trans Quebec Andes S.R.L
  180. Tucano Representaciones Peru Latin Trails S.A.C.
  181. Tucanos Peru E.I.R.L.
  182. United Mice Tour Operator E.I.R.L.
  183. Valencia Travel Agency S.A.C.
  184. Vamos Expeditions S.A.C.
  185. Viajes Colon E.I.R.L.
  186. Viajes y Servicios Turisticos Flamenco S.A.C.
  187. Viventur S.A.C.
  188. Wake Up Peru Trekking E.I.R.L.
  189. Wayki Trek Transportes Turisticos S.A.C
  190. Wayna Mundo Explorers E.I.R.L
  191. Welcome South America Travel E.I.R.L
  192. Willka Mayu Peru Tours Grupo Caminos Del Sol S.A.C.
  193. WinayHuayna Travel E.I.R.L.
  194. Worldwide Exotic Adventures S.C.R.L.
  195. Yupi Adventure E.I.R.L.

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